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iSpice | Sesame Seeds Black | 6.7 oz | Gourmet Spice |Kosher| Crunchy texture


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  • Black Sesame Seeds

    Unlock the Richness of Black Sesame

    Discover the Exquisite Beauty of Black Sesame Seeds

    Experience the allure of black sesame seeds with our premium Black Sesame Seeds. These tiny, jet-black gems are bursting with flavor and rich in nutrients, making them a must-have ingredient for culinary enthusiasts. Unlock the hidden potential of these versatile seeds and elevate your dishes with their distinct aroma, delicate nutty taste, and striking visual appeal.

    Elevate Your Recipes with Black Sesame Magic

    Transform your recipes into culinary masterpieces with the magic of Black Sesame Seeds. These seeds add depth, texture, and a unique flavor profile to a wide range of dishes. From savory stir-fries and roasted vegetables to sweet treats and baked goods, the possibilities are endless. Let the captivating taste of black sesame take your cooking to new heights and impress your family and friends with unforgettable flavors.

    Nutrient-Packed Seeds for a Healthy Lifestyle

    Indulge in the goodness of Black Sesame Seeds while nourishing your body with essential nutrients. These seeds are packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, promoting overall well-being and supporting a healthy lifestyle. Enhance your meals with the nutritional power of black sesame and embark on a flavorful journey that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your body.

    Unleash Culinary Creativity

    Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Black Sesame

    Unleash your culinary creativity and elevate your dishes with the unique touch of Black Sesame Seeds. These seeds add a delightful crunch, nutty aroma, and striking visual contrast to your recipes. Experiment with incorporating them into salads, dressings, marinades, sauces, and even desserts. Let your imagination run wild and create extraordinary culinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.

    A Versatile Ingredient for Inspired Cooking

    Discover the versatility of Black Sesame Seeds as your culinary ally. These seeds complement both sweet and savory dishes, allowing you to explore a wide range of cuisines and flavors. From Asian-inspired stir-fries and sushi rolls to Middle Eastern dips and baked goods, black sesame seeds lend a distinct character to any recipe. Unleash your inner chef and let the possibilities unfold with this versatile ingredient.

    Elevate Your Presentation with Striking Visual Appeal

    Enhance the visual appeal of your dishes with the mesmerizing beauty of Black Sesame Seeds. Their deep black color adds a dramatic touch to your culinary creations, making them visually stunning. Sprinkle these seeds as a garnish or use them as a coating to add texture and elegance to your plates. Elevate your presentation and impress your guests with the striking visual allure of black sesame.

    The Finest Quality for Exceptional Flavors

    Hand-Selected for Superior Quality

    At our brand, we prioritize superior quality, and our Black Sesame Seeds are no exception. Each seed is hand-selected to ensure only the finest ones make it into your kitchen. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can trust that you're receiving the best black sesame seeds available, guaranteeing exceptional flavor and freshness in every bite.

    A Taste of Tradition and Culinary Heritage

    Embrace the tradition and culinary heritage associated with Black Sesame Seeds. These seeds have been treasured for centuries for their distinct taste and nutritional benefits. By incorporating them into your recipes, you connect with a rich cultural legacy and honor the flavors that have stood the test of time. Let the allure of black sesame seeds inspire you to create dishes that celebrate tradition while adding your unique touch.

    Elevate Your Culinary Journey with Black Sesame Seeds

    Embark on a culinary journey of flavors and textures with our Black Sesame Seeds. From their rich history to their remarkable taste, these seeds have the power to elevate your cooking to new heights. Let their distinct flavor and visual appeal captivate your senses, and allow yourself to explore the endless possibilities they offer. With our premium Black Sesame Seeds, every dish becomes a masterpiece.


    6.7 oz (189 gr)

  • At iSpice, we offer all-natural seasonings and plant-based spices to enhance any meal’s flavor. Our wellness spices and seasonings are made with all-natural ingredients, making them vegan friendly, delicious, and a great seasoning to use no matter what the meal is. Additionally, these seasonings are sugar free- and salt-free to keep you eating great and feeling great. Our World Flavors line is full of ethnic blends of spices and all-natural seasonings to expand your pallet. The Sous Chef collection provides you with all the spices, seasonings, and herb blends you need in your kitchen. For a well-rounded spice cabinet full of all-natural seasonings and plant-based spices, order from iSpice!

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The Benefits of Using ISPICE for All Parties

Perfect for Ice cream or decorating and baking, cupcakes, cookies, sundaes and other sweet treats

Rainbow-colored sprinkles are a favorite of
kids of any age. Perfect for decorating and baking. Perfect for bakeries
and families who love to bake.

Great candy that will be loved by all ages. Enjoy these sweet treats
with many enticing flavors of the classic candy you crave!

Kosher. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

Incomparable premium quality of colourful Sprinkles

Sprinkles offer a great way to add taste, texture, and enhance the appearance of your sweet treats.

Add a Pinch of Spice to Your Party - ISPICE!
Making Your Party Sweet with ISPICE

Apply Fancy Sprinkles to homemade or store bought cakes to jazz them up in an instant

A great final touch to those ice cream sundaes, cake pops, waffles, shortbread
cookies, fudge brownies, granola bites, cinnamon rolls, and every other




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