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iSpice | Seasoned Salt | No MSG | 12.6 oz | Mixed Spices & Seasonings | Kosher | Culinary staple


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  • iSpice Seasoned Salt

    Elevate Your Culinary Creations

    Discover the Perfect Blend of Flavor and Versatility

    Experience the remarkable taste of iSpice Seasoned Salt, the ultimate companion for elevating your culinary creations. With its unique blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and premium salt, this seasoning offers a symphony of flavors that enhances every dish it touches. From simple snacks to gourmet meals, unleash the full potential of your cooking and let iSpice Seasoned Salt be your secret ingredient.

    A True All-Purpose Seasoning

    Embrace the versatility of iSpice Seasoned Salt as your go-to all-purpose seasoning. Whether you're grilling, roasting, sautéing, or even sprinkling it on your favorite snacks, this seasoning effortlessly elevates the taste of any dish. Its perfectly balanced combination of savory, aromatic, and slightly tangy notes adds depth and complexity, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences.

    Craft Exceptional Flavors with Ease

    Let iSpice Seasoned Salt be your culinary companion, empowering you to craft exceptional flavors with ease. The precise blend of herbs and spices in this seasoning takes the guesswork out of seasoning, ensuring consistent and delicious results every time. Elevate your cooking game and impress your family and friends with dishes that leave a lasting impression. With iSpice Seasoned Salt, culinary excellence is just a sprinkle away.

    Unleash Your Creativity in the Kitchen

    Ignite Your Culinary Imagination

    Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with iSpice Seasoned Salt. This exceptional seasoning ignites your culinary imagination, inspiring you to explore new flavor profiles and experiment with exciting recipes. From classic comfort foods to innovative fusion dishes, the possibilities are endless. Let your taste buds be your guide and create unique culinary masterpieces that reflect your passion and creativity.

    Elevate Every Bite with Unforgettable Taste

    Elevate every bite with the unforgettable taste of iSpice Seasoned Salt. Its expertly crafted blend of herbs, spices, and salt creates a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Each sprinkle brings an explosion of taste that captivates and delights your senses. Enhance the natural flavors of your ingredients and transform ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences with the magic of iSpice Seasoned Salt.

    Become a Culinary Artist

    Embrace your inner culinary artist with iSpice Seasoned Salt as your palette. Use this versatile seasoning to add depth, balance, and complexity to your dishes, allowing you to create edible works of art. With a sprinkle here and a dash there, you can turn a simple meal into a masterpiece. Let iSpice Seasoned Salt be your muse as you explore the boundless possibilities of flavor and express your culinary prowess.

    The iSpice Difference

    Exceptional Quality, Uncompromising Flavor

    At iSpice, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and uncompromising flavor. Our Seasoned Salt is carefully crafted using the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Each batch is meticulously blended to ensure consistency and perfection, resulting in a seasoning that delivers a burst of flavor in every pinch. Trust iSpice to elevate your culinary creations and experience the difference in every savory bite.

    Enhance Your Cooking with a Trusted Brand

    When it comes to seasoning, trust the brand that stands for excellence. iSpice has been a trusted name in the culinary world, renowned for its commitment to quality and flavor. Our Seasoned Salt is the result of years of expertise and passion for creating memorable dining experiences. Join the community of passionate cooks and chefs who rely on iSpice to elevate their cooking and unlock a world of flavor.

    Elevate Every Meal with iSpice Seasoned Salt

    Make every meal extraordinary with iSpice Seasoned Salt. Whether you're cooking for yourself, your family, or entertaining guests, this seasoning adds a touch of magic to every dish. Elevate your morning eggs, spice up your grilled meats, or enhance the flavors of your favorite vegetables. With iSpice Seasoned Salt, every meal becomes a delightful journey of taste and satisfaction.


    12.6 oz (375 gr)

  • At iSpice, we offer all-natural seasonings and plant-based spices to enhance any meal’s flavor. Our wellness spices and seasonings are made with all-natural ingredients, making them vegan friendly, delicious, and a great seasoning to use no matter what the meal is. Additionally, these seasonings are sugar free- and salt-free to keep you eating great and feeling great. Our World Flavors line is full of ethnic blends of spices and all-natural seasonings to expand your pallet. The Sous Chef collection provides you with all the spices, seasonings, and herb blends you need in your kitchen. For a well-rounded spice cabinet full of all-natural seasonings and plant-based spices, order from iSpice!

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To truly get the maximum experience from any given seasoning, we believe one must consider two factors: the quality and the origins. Here at iSpice, we can proudly claim that all our high-quality seasonings are made right here in the USA.

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Quality. Flavor. Aroma. Herbal Benefits

Not all herbs and spices are created equal. The Sous Chef line is way ahead of the field with hundreds of spice rack staples and exciting, new seasoning blends.
Everything you need to fully stock your pantry for any recipe you choose!
Unparalleled “fresh-from-the-garden” flavor and color elevate meal preparation to new heights. Hypnotic aromas fill your kitchen with the smell of cooking success.

Incomparable premium quality herbs

Herbs, bursting with flavor… and possible health benefits. Freshness personified in bottle after bottle of seasoning perfection, freshly ground, chopped or blended with the special care and years of expertise you deserve.




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